Vendor Meet 2020-Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) by participants.
Q1 Whether RDSO vendor registration is open throughout the year?
Ans. Yes, it is open throughout the year
Q2 Do we get registration charges back, if not successful?
Ans. No, only in some special occasions it is done.
Q3 Where do we find our products in RDSO Vendor Directory?
Ans. Vendor Directories of RDSO are available in website:
Q4 Where do we get Average Annual Consumption of RDSO controlled items?
Ans. It can be searched in
Q5 Whether trading is accepted by RDSO or only OEM supply?
Ans. No trading is accepted by RDSO, only OEM supply.
Q6 Whether RDSO registration will ensure getting Purchase Orders from Railways?
Ans. No, one has to participate in Indian Railway's tender process as laid down.
Q7 Whether M&P and T&P can be purchase on receipt of Purchase Orders?
Ans. No, before registering with RDSO, all M&P and T&P must be available as per STR for the particular item.
Q8 What is Registration Charges applicable for more than one item?
Ans. Different registration charges for different items as per RDSO ISO guidelines:,5,268,5443,5444
Q9 Can we get consolidated list of items controlled by RDSO on IR?
Ans. Different directorates have separate Vendor Directory and all are available on RDSO website.,5,269
Q10 Where will we find RDSO's Specification, STR, Drawings etc?
Ans. All these items are made available on free of cost on RDSO website, under Vendor interface.,5,271
Q11 Why RDSO's approval is necessary?
Ans. Only Safety and Critical Items which are controlled by RDSO and appeared in different Vendor Directories. Such items have eligibility criteria in tenders as "to be procured from RDSO approved sources only."
Q12 Details of facilitation centres for RDSO vendor registration?
Ans. For Support call on: 0522-2465743 Timings : Monday to Friday (l0am - 5pm)